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Jerry Greer

Jerry has been a big part of the spiritual community most of his life.  After a serious accident that left him with serious head and spinal trauma, Jerry dedicated his life to seeking alternative therapies. This has led him to receive deep healing from acupuncture, massage, sound healing, and cranio-sacral therapy, This eight-year long journey has inspired him to assemble treatments he found most effective into sessions designed to dissolve mind/body blockages and expand consciousness. 

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jerry and his journey

During his deep transformation journey, he has lived at a Yoga Ashram to study sound healing and teach guided meditation, restorative yoga, and yoga for people with exceptional needs. His sound healing journey has brought him to study everything about sound healing from the best. That includes the Gong Guru, Don Conreaux, a Peruvian Shaman Tito la Rosa, Sage Academy of Sound, and other sound healing pioneers worldwide. 

His spiritual journey has brought him across the world to:​


To tend the sweat lodge fire for a Lakota Sioux Sun Dance 

North of Patagonia

To support a vision quest and join the star dance


To carry water for a 900 women Moon Dance and transport Wizarika Indigenous shamans deep into the desert for their annual peyote harvest 


To pray in the stone circles of his ancestors

Andes and Amazon

To work with cactus and plant medicines in traditional ways

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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