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Sound Bath Gongs

sound bath

bathe in
sound waves

A Sound Bath is a meditative and often psychedelic experience.


It's an immersion in both focused and ambient sound waves generated by musical instruments and voice to take you on an inward healing journey.

As the Gong Master, Jerry will "bathe" you in sound waves with his toolkit of gongs, chimes, drums, and other instruments.

The Sound Bath experience with Bathe in Resonance is a transcendental meditative experience. It can be a profound experience that clears the mind and refreshes the body.


Like most healing experiences, the benefits continue to emerge over time.


"Thank you so much for bringing my mind, body, and spirit into alignment with the vibrations and mystical sounds of the gongs, singing bowls, flutes, chimes, and other instruments you used to transport us to the space between, where our deep regenerative work and healing unite


"In one word, Jerry's sound bath was magical. The session seemed to melt away the day and travel frenziness. It allowed our entire group to drop into sleep and then open the next day with presence and connection. I am so grateful for the role Jerry played in the effectiveness of the deep work we did together. 


"I drifted between profound, full-body relaxation and giddiness when chimes accented the deep, resonant gong. The space Jerry created and held was powerful and healing.

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