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Bathe In Resonance

Where healing feels like a celebration of life. 

Behind the Gong:
Jerry Greer

Jerry has lived most of his life in spiritual intentional communities. His 9+ years of the spiritual journey have led him to assemble deep healing treatments which inspired Bathe In Resonance.

Bathe In Resonance

Bathe In Resonance focuses on deep healing treatments that could dissolve mind/body blockages and expand consciousness. We offer peak experience supported by several deeply healing modes of treatment that feel wonderful and have lasting benefits.


Marma Therapy

Sound Bath

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An exceptional sound bath experience... The way he cultivated and held the energy was effortless and intentional.

In one word, Jerry’s sound bath was magical...  I am so grateful for the role Jerry played in the effectiveness of the deep work we did together over the weekend.

“Jerry’s sound bath was a delightful adventure with delicate surprises... The space Jerry created and held was powerful and healing



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The World Through

Jerry's Eyes

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